Life Story of Azim Premji | Success Story


Name Azim Premji
Born 24 July 1945
Age 73 (2018)
Education Stanford University (B.S.E), MORE
Net Worth US $ 15.6 billionĀ 
Marital Status Married

Life Story of Azim Premji | Success Story


Azim Premji is an Indian Business tycoon, Founder, and chairman of Wipro, The Largest I.T company in India, Created on 24 July 1945, at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

His dad Hashim Premji incorporated Western India Vegetable Products Ltd. based in the small city in Maharashtra. His father known as an entrepreneur and Rice King of Burma.

He wed to Yasmeen. They have two children, whose titles are all Rishad and Tariq. Rishad serves as Chief Strategy Officer for IT business in WIPRO

Life Story of Azim Premji | Success Story

Azim was studying engineering in Bachelor of Science in electrical technology at Stanford University, U.S.A. in the age of 21, He returned to the residence after understanding his dad died.

Together with his profound insight and vision, Azim Premji recognized that IT is the way of the future and that was where achievement and his fascination lay. After he converted his dad’s firm to WIPRO. Azim collaborated with an American Company Senior in the pc business to carry WIPRO to new heights and flipped around the family business to software that changes the entire world daily to the day. Back in July 2007, He had been listed in top 30 entrepreneurs in India. Azim Premji is informally known as the Czar of the Indian IT Company.


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