Life Story of Dhyan Chand | Success Story


Name Dhyan Chand
Born 29 August 1905
Died 3 December 1979
Nickname The Wizard
Education Maharani Laxmi Bai Govt. College of Excellence
Marital Status Married
Source of Wealth Indian hockey player 

Life Story of Dhyan Chand | Success Story


The seeds of artistry in baseball were planted and nurtured in him Subedar Major Tiwari of the regiment. Dhyan Chand got so passionate about this sport that he spends several hours every day controlling and innovating new strategies in this sport. Indian group participated in the Hockey Tournament for the first time at the VIII Olympiad held at Amsterdam in 1928.

Life Story of Dhyan Chand | Success Story

India won the tournament by 3-0. Out of the 3 goals two were scored by Dhyan Chand. India defeated America by 24-1 and consequently set a world record. Nine from 24 goals were scored by Dhyan Chand and ten years by his younger brother, Roop Singh. For me, he was the fantastic hero that India ever produced in sports. Unfortunately for him, there was no TV to spread his celebrity, get all of the revenue for advertisements. A swimmer requested his rod to be checked as he suspected there was adhesive in his stick as the ball didn’t leave the pole when he dribbled and rushed ahead.

Life Story of Dhyan Chand | Success Story

Once on a time, the Indian Hockey team was on a foreign tour. We played 48 games and won them all and Dhyan Chand scored 400 worldwide and above 1000 overall aims alone and helped India win 3 successive Olympic gold medals. India was unbeatable for 20 years. We overcome the USA in an Olympic game by 24 goals which are nevertheless a world record and probably the worst sporting defeat of the USA ever. Dhyan Chand direct INDIA both in the Hockey Area and Fight Area. 

 Once Major Dhyan Chand wasn’t able to score a goal from the resistance team. After several misses, he argued with the game referee regarding the dimension of the target post, and amazingly, he was proven right! 

 ” He spends a few hours every day controlling and innovating new methods in this match” In the November Olympiad held in Berlin in 1936, Dhyan Chand captained the Indian team.

Life Story of Dhyan Chand | Success Story

India defeated Germany by 4-1. Dhyan Chand exhibited such wizardry with his hockey stick that speculation had been rife that a magnet has been embedded into his hockey stick to draw the ball. His hockey rod was arranged to be altered but his drama continued to maintain the audiences, along with his competitors spellbound. The Second World War intervened and the subsequent Olympiads were not held. Hitler was so impressed with Dhyan Chand’s wizardry with the pole he provided the Indian an opportunity to go to Germany along with the post Colonel in his military but he refused the deal with a grin and continuing his service in the Indian Army.
 Sir Don Bradman and Dhyan Chand formerly came face to face in Adelaide in 1935. After viewing Dhyan Chand in action, Don Bradman remarked”He scores goals such as runs in cricket” 

Adventures of Vienna, Austria, also have put up a statue of him together with four hands and four sticks, depicting his control and mastery over the chunk.

 In his final days, he was short of cash, but he coached any foreign group for the anxiety about his group beating the Indian group.

Life Story of Dhyan Chand | Success Story

He guided and coached a great number of hockey players. His son, Ashok Kumar, beneath his motivated training, added luster to Indian infantry by representing India in global tourneys. Dhyan Chand retired in the Army in 1956 with the rank of Major. Even the President of India conferred on him that the award of Padma Bhushan in recognition of his outstanding services to the cause of Indian hockey. What created Dhanchand so different spite of this fact that he did not get his because of the external world and public: It was his sheer determination, passion, and love for the game along with his dedication towards his passion that made him stand out from the rest of the world. The wizard of hockey remains even today unchallenged and has become a legend forever.


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