Life Story of Henry Ford | Success Story


Name Henry Ford
Born 30 July 1863
Died 7 April 1947
Education Detroit Business Institute, Bryant & Stratton College
Marital Status Married
Source of Wealth Car Manufacturing Industry
Net Worth $200 billion dollars

Life Story of Henry Ford | Success Story


Henry Ford has been credited with All of the Transportation industry. His invention that dates back into the 20th century continues to affect our lives even today. He founded Ford Motor Company from the ground to develop into a world-renowned firm. Henry’s aim was to create a car for the great multitude. Back in October 1908, he realized his dream by providing the Model T for $950.

Henry Ford didn’t Enjoy instant success but through failures, Henry kept innovating. Now his net worth at passing could be equivalent to $200 billion. 66 years following his demise Henry is still celebrated as a technical genius and innovative force in the automobile industry.

Life Story of Henry Ford | Success Story

Budding Engineer:

His story began in Greenfield Michigan in which he had been born in 1863. His dad, William Ford, was a successful farmer who had been well respected locally.

She had been his directing Soul and source of powerful moral influence. His mum’s death in 1876 struck him, in his own words”the home was now a watch with no mainspring.”

Ford’s father had Hoped his son could take over the family farm, but Henry loathed the drudgery of his interests in mechanisms were dominant.

Just as a young boy, Ford Would love tinkering with machines. Watches brought his pursuits, and he soon mastered their complex mechanisms. Henry’s curiosity and excitement made him leave his dad’s farm in age 16 to work as a machinist apprentice in Detroit.

Life Story of Henry Ford | Success Story

Learning The Trade:

He worked as an Apprentice at the Michigan Car firm which specialized in the production of railway cars. He also held several similar jobs during the next two years in which he learned an excellent deal about the heavy sector. Following the end of his apprenticeship, Henry returned to Greenfield at 1882.

He had been hired in the Westinghouse where he’d run his steam engines and in their own spare minutes tinkered a system he’d set up. Back in 1891, Henry went back to Detroit where he acquired a job as an Engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company. It was not long before he rose up the ranks and became the principal engineer.

Life Story of Henry Ford | Success Story

Henry The Innovator:

Henry was living his Visions and in 1896 he made his very first automobile the Quadricycle, which featured four cable brakes. In 1898, a second car followed. Henry decided to start a business that could market horse carriages.

But he understood nothing About the company, his first firm collapsed and the second landed the exact same fate. This was his third try at starting a company that finally succeeded and on June 1903 the world saw the birth of their Ford Motor Company.

Between 1903- 1908 Ford made nine different cars that were all successful. Back in October 1908, Ford unveiled the Model T and in months the need became so significant orders had to be stopped.

In the autumn of 1913, Ford’s Highland Bundle Factory started the mass production on the revolutionary moving assembly line which helped Ford keep up with the high demand.

But by his company, he also changed the lives of lots of people by offering practical and affordable cars to the masses. Ford currently operates under the Domain of William Clay Ford Jr. Ford Motor Company has been able to remain an important force in the present market. It continues to increase and will stay viable in the next few years. 

Fact: Henry Ford’s first car had no reverse

Lessons From Henry Ford :

” Do not be afraid to Take risks. Amazing folks run towards their immunity and perform on lanky branches.” 

” Challenges are great. We learn and grow through them.”

” Small incremental Measures will get you on the top. “

” Failure is an Integral part of attaining success. “

—————– Henry FORD


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