Life Story of Mahatma Gandhi | Success Story


Name Mahatma Gandhi
Full Name Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Other Name Bapu Ji, Gandhi Ji
Born 2 October 1869
Died 30 January 1948
Education Alfred High School (1887), UCL Faculty of Laws, Samaldas Arts College, City, University of London
Marital Status Married

Life Story of Mahatma Gandhi | Success Story


He was killed by a buff in 1948.

Religion and Beliefs

Gandhi grew up against the Hindu god Vishnu and following Jainism, a rigorous historical Indian religion that espoused non-violence, meditation, fasting and vegetarianism.

During Gandhi’s first live in London, from 1888 to 1891, he became more committed to a meatless diet, linking the executive committee of the London Vegetarian Society, and began to read a variety of sacred texts to find out more about world religions.

Residing in South Africa, Gandhi continued to study world religions. “The religious spirit within me became a living force,” he wrote of his time. He cried himself into sacred Hindu spiritual texts and embraced a life of simplicity, austerity, fasting and celibacy which was free of material products.

Life Story of Mahatma Gandhi | Success Story

Gandhi’s Ashram & the Indian Caste System

At 1915 Gandhi launched an ashram in Ahmedabad, India, which was available to all castes. Wearing a very simple loincloth and shawl, Gandhi lived an austere life dedicated to prayer, meditation and fasting. He became known as”Mahatma,” which means”great soul”

The public outcry forced the British to amend the proposition.

Life Story of Mahatma Gandhi | Success Story

Gandhi’s Assassination

At the late afternoon of January 30, 1948, the 78-year-old Gandhi, dropped from perennial hunger strikes, even clung to both grandnieces as they led him out of his living quarters in New Delhi’s Birla House into a prayer assembly. The violent action took the life of a pacifist who spent his life preaching nonviolence. Godse and a co-conspirator were conducted by hanging at November 1949, while further conspirators were sentenced to life in prison.

Life Story of Mahatma Gandhi | Success Story

Where and when Are Gandhi Born?

Indian civic leader Mahatma Gandhi (born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) was created October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Kathiawar, India, which was later part of the British Empire.

Life Story of Mahatma Gandhi | Success Story

Wife and Family

Mahatma Gandhi’s father, Karamchand Gandhi, served as a chief minister in Porbandar along with other nations in western India. His mom, Putlibai, was a deeply spiritual woman who fasted regularly.

In the age of 13, Mahatma Gandhi wed Kasturba Makanji, a merchant’s daughter, at an arranged marriage. In 1885, he suffered the passing of his father and soon after that the departure of his young baby. Back in 1888, Gandhi’s wife gave birth to the first of four surviving sons.

Life Story of Mahatma Gandhi | Success Story

Early Life and Education

Young Gandhi was a shy, unremarkable pupil who had been so timid he slept with the lights even as a teen. In recent years, the adolescent rebelled by smoking, eating beef and stealing change from family servants.

Though Gandhi was considering becoming a doctor, his father had expected he’d become a government ministry, so his family steered him to go into the legal profession. The young Indian fought with the transition into Western culture.

Upon returning to India in 1891, Gandhi discovered that his mom had died just months earlier. He struggled to gain his footing for a lawyer. In his first courtroom case, a nervous Gandhi blanked when the moment arrived into cross-examining a witness. 


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