Life Story of Mohammed bin Salman | Success Story


Name Mohammed bin Salman
Full Name Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud
Born 31 August 1985
Age 33 (2018)
Education King Saud University
Office Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia since 2017
Net Worth US $17 billionĀ in 2016
Marital Status Married


Salman was called Crown Prince in 2017 and after winning a power struggle with all the appointed heir. He ushered in social and economic reforms, especially with regards to girls, but has been also harshly criticized for clamping down on critics of the Saudi royal family, and due to their aggressive foreign policy positions, which has led to disastrous conflicts with Yemen and Qatar.

Life Story of Mohammed bin Salman | Success Story

Salman bin Abdul-Aziz was the governor of Riyadh province for more than 50 decades, before stepping in 2011. During his tenure, he made a reputation as an efficient, if harsh, administrator.

Mohammed bin Salman attended private colleges near Riyadh and graduated from King Saud University with a degree in law. Unlike a number of other high-ranking Saudi princes, he did not receive instruction in the West. He married Princess Sarah bint Mashhoor in 2008, along with the couple has four kids.

Life Story of Mohammed bin Salman | Success Story

Rumours of Departure

Back in April 2018, false rumours of Salman’s death swirled, following a report of gunshots close to a royal palace in Riyadh. News outlets in Iran, a ferocious, long-time war of Saudi Arabia, helped distribute the information, which alleged that he was hurt or killed during a failed coup attempt. According to Saudi police officers, the gunshots involved a drone that was flown into a safe location. On the other hand, the normally camera-friendly Salman was not found in public for many weeks, causing some to speculate. In late May, photographs and video footage attending meetings aided put the rumours to rest.

Life Story of Mohammed bin Salman | Success Story

Ascension to Power

Salman spent many years working in the private sector, prior to becoming an adviser to his father in 2004. After his father became Crown Prince at 2012,” Salman’s power enlarged, and he increasingly became known as one of Saudi Arabia’s main characters. In 2015, following his father seceded to the throne, Salman became the youngest man on the album to be named Minister of Defense.

A fierce power struggle between the cousins stopped in June 2017, when Nayef was deposed. Reports later emerged that both men had sought international aid and recognition for their claims to power. Due to King Salman’s ill health and advanced age, Mohammed bin Salman is seen by many to be the true power behind the throne. He has come to be a key adviser in the area for the Trump government as well as many others. In 2016 and 2018, he undertook several high-profile excursions of the United States, meeting with tech leaders, politicians as well as Hollywood celebrities.

Life Story of Mohammed bin Salman | Success Story

The Saudi royal family has ruled the kingdom in concert using ultra-conservative Wahhabism clerics, who have been accused of funding and supporting revolutionary extremists and preventing social reforms. Salman has known for a return to an earlier period of a tolerant form of Islam, going so far as to encourage the thought of an Israeli nation.

In 2018 that the country’s decades-long ban on film theatres was lifted, the kingdom will currently allow for a wider assortment of entertainment choices and work is underway for a huge amusement park. The kingdom announced it will begin issuing tourist visas.



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